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Thank you for you wonderful website. I have just looked at it today for the first time, but I'm sure that our homeschooling family will be referring to it often! Would you please share the source of your "brick upon brick" quote which you use with your site name? I'm so curious! - DuploMom

[Would you believe the “brick upon brick” quote is based on a Bible verse? Isaiah 28:10 states: “For precept must be upon precept... line upon line... here a little, there a little.” One day it just popped into my head to say: “For brick must be upon brick, row upon row, here a little and there a little.”]

Legos are such a great toy for children to learn from and play with, while letting them use their imagination. - Mary

I like your site. It's very educational, entertaining, and inspiring. God Bless You! - Natalia Juarez

Lego pieces can get lost easily if taken outside into the yard. Also one of my son's friends has a set and his dog got into them and swallowed one. - Shantae Ann Jones

I've enjoyed exploring your site and found some interesting stuff. Thanks! - Lucy Franklin

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for sharing your great ideas. I've been using Legos to help my son learn since he was very young, but it was mostly math. This is so much better! THANK YOU!!! - Debbie and Ian (12)

We love legos too!!! We were looking at all your you tube videos and thought you should see this one. It's the most amazing lego video we've ever seen. If you don't like using links from email just go to you tube and search for lego grease. thanks for the site, joy

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