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Don't know what some words, sayings, and acronyms mean, such as "MOC", "greeble", "BURP", "LURP", and more? Then you've come to the right place. I've found most of these acronyms in my journeys throughout the online LEGO community, and I think these are essential things to learn.


AFOL - Adult Fan(s) of LEGO

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BURP - Big Ugly Rock Piece

Bley - Bluish-gray shortened, comes in both dark and light.; for example, the Space Police Officer outfits are dark bley. Dark and light bley were introduced to the LEGO Community in 2004, which replaced regular dark and light gray.

Brick - Colored plastic bricks are the basic building elements of the LEGO System.

BrickLink - The unofficial online marketplace for LEGO:

Brick and Mortar Stores - Stores that sell LEGO physically, as opposed to online marketplaces such as BrickLink.

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CAD - Computer Aided Design.

Compatible - If two things work well together, they are said to be compatible. LEGO System and LEGO TECHNIC elements are compatible, meaning that they can be used together in the same model.

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DSS - Dreaded Sticker Sheet. This term is mostly used for sets with a sticker sheet that has too many, or hard to apply, stickers. For example, The Exo-Force sets.

DUPLO - Sets designed for children of a very young age. Usually 4 and under.

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EU - Euro.

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FFOL - Female Fans of LEGO. That's right! You girls out there get your very own special group!

FS - For Sale.

FS/T, FSOT - For Sale/Trade; For Sale or Trade.

FT - For Trade.

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Greeble(s) - Mechanical/futuristic details on a MOC or set, for instance, the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer's sides had greebles all over them, such as goblets, ray guns, etc.

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Headlight Brick - a special brick that allows you to build out sideways as well as up.

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Interlocking - Interlocking means stacking LEGO bricks by overlapping bricks from one row on top of another row, in the same way that brick houses and block walls are built. By interlocking bricks, you can't remove a single brick without removing others. Interlocking bricks makes for a strong and stable structure.

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KFOL - Kid Fan(s) of LEGO.

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LBSH - That's us, Little Brick School House!

LEGO - The one and only! LEGO is our favorite brand of building blocks. And remember, each letter is upper-case.

LULs - Light Up Lightsabers. These came only in a few Revenge of the Sith LEGO Star Wars sets, and a TIE Fighter set included an exclusive LUL Darth Vader. A City police officer also included one, except it was used as a flashlight by putting a 1x1 stud on the top. These minifigures were, rather, extremely annoying, because the online LEGO Community was outraged at the fact that they aren't getting non-LUL Jedi minifigs. The next year, 2006, LEGO remixed the Clone Turbo Tank and put a non-LUL Mace Windu figure.

LURP - Little Ugly Rock Piece.

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MIB - Mint In Box.

MISB - Mint In Sealed Box. Could also be said as Mint In Sealed Bag, depending on what the set(s) are packaged in.

MISP - Mint In Sealed Polybag.

MiniFig - a miniature figure; minifigure; abbreviated MF for short. (In other words, LEGO people!)

MOC - My Own Creation; the term used for most creations, except minifigures. They aren't really considered MOCs.

Mosaic - A picture, pattern, or decorative design made by arranging and setting small colored pieces onto a surface.

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NLF - Non-LEGO Friend

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OBO - Or best offer.

Open-ended - LEGO is an open-ended system, which means it is not limited by restrictions and thus allows for change. You can build anything you can imagine, then rebuild it!

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PAB - Pick A Brick. You know... the big walls in LEGO stores filled with tubes of endless sorted LEGO pieces?!

Peeron - a LEGO inventory website:

Plate - A plate is a studded LEGO element that is thinner than a brick; an L-plate is an L-shaped plate; a hinge plate has a joint that pivots around a stationary point (commonly used for doors); base plates are wide plates used as a foundation to build on; road plates are a special type of base plates with road markings on the surface. (You cannot connect any LEGO elements to the bottom of a base plate because they are meant to be built on from the top up.)

POI - One of my own phrases, it stands for Pieces of Interest. I use it when I write my reviews when I find special or interesting pieces in the sets polybag(s).

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QUATRO - The name of sets and bricks specially designed for children under 3 years of age. A Quatro 2x2 brick is four times bigger than a Duplo 2x2 brick. Unfortunately, however, the Quatro sets have been discontinued.

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Roof Brick - A brick with one side flattened and sloped at a 30- or 45- degree angle, normally used for building roofs.

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Scale - The relationship of a model's size to the size of the object it represents. For example, a scale of 1:2 would mean that the model is 1/2 the original object's size. The most common scale for LEGO sets is Minifigure Scale, scaled 1:1 in relation to the size of a minifigure.

S@H - Shop at Home, LEGO's official online store. They sell only modern sets.

SNOT - Studs Not on Top. This technique isusually achieved by putting bricks sideways to give a MOC that smooth feel, and makes it look rather, er, handsome.

STAMP - Stickers Across Multiple Parts. An example would be the Fort Legoredo sign from the old western set.

SW - Star Wars.

Swooshability (Factor) - Being able(or not) to fly a vehicle around randomly and make airplane noises. For example, I swoosh my Space Truck Getaway Space Police III set and usually have Snake accidentally get sucked in the engine... ( )

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Technic - a line of LEGO models with more complex movable parts. The most significant change from normal LEGO is that single-stud wide bricks ("beams") have an odd number of holes through their vertical face. These holes can accommodate pins, which enable two beams to be held securely together, either side-by-side, or at an angle.

Tile - a special type of plate with no studs on top, for making smooth flat surfaces.

TLC - The LEGO Company. Known by this name since 1999, formerly TLG.

TLG - The LEGO Group.

TRU - Toys 'R' Us.

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UCS - Ultimate Collector's Series. Expensive models for experienced builders. The latest example would have to be the UCS Millenium Falcon, yeah, I'm talking about the $499.99 one.

USD - US Dollar.

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Vignette - A small build usually on a space of 8x8, but can be larger.

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WIP - Work in Progress. Usually meant to describe a MOC that is still in development stages.

WTB - Want To Buy.

WTT - Want To Trade.

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If anyone has suggestions for additional terms or acronyms, please don't hesitate to tell us about them! If you have any that you would like to suggest, please e-mail .

Thanks to "Striker" from the Little Brick Schoolhouse Forum for originally making this glossary. We've also added a few more entries to it since then.

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